Monday, October 28th, 2019

Citi Rewards Points Program – Traveloka Points Conversion: Traveloka and Citi Indonesia’s Collaboration for Consumer’s Convenience in Enjoying Travel and Lifestyle

Jakarta, 28 October 2019 – Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s leading digital travel and lifestyle booking platform , is collaborating with Citi Indonesia (Citibank) to officially introduce the Citi Rewards Points – Traveloka Points Conversion program today in Jakarta. Through this program, the customers of Citi Credit Card who are also Traveloka users can easily exchange their Citi Rewards Points/Miles into Traveloka Points in real-time, making this collaboration as the first initiative between Citi Indonesia and a technology company that allows real-time point exchanges with the utilization of API technology. This program is an additional feature of Citi Indonesia and Traveloka partnership programs which dates back since 2015. The introduction of this collaborative program was attended by President, Traveloka Group Operations, Henry Hendrawan; Senior Vice President of Insurance & Partnership, Traveloka, Yady Guitana;  Senior Vice President of Payment Products, Traveloka, Stefani Herlie; and Citi Indonesia’s representatives, CEO of Citi Indonesia, Batara Sianturi;  Citi Indonesia’s Head of Consumer Banking, Christina Teh Tan;  and Head of Cards and Loans, Citi Indonesia, Herman Soesetyo.

This program is expected to provide more convenience and a new experience for Citi Credit Card customers to realize their travel inspirations and lifestyle needs by utilizing Traveloka Points in order to enjoy attractive price discounts, both for Traveloka products and all Traveloka Points merchants. In addition, this program also allows users to make the most of the points gained from the Citi Indonesia’s loyalty program.

Senior Vice President of Payment Products, Traveloka, Stefani Herlie, said, “This collaboration is a manifestation of our commitment in providing convenience for users by observing and analyzing their needs, in this case the easiness in optimizing the Citi Reward Points obtained from transactions using Citi cards in an easy and practical way, so that they can fulfill their travel and lifestyle needs.”

Unlike other loyalty programs, Citi Credit Card customers can convert their Citi Rewards Points/Miles to Traveloka Points in real time through Traveloka’s mobile application, which can be downloaded at Google Playstore and Apple App Store. Customers no longer need to contact customer service in order to convert Citi Rewards Points/Miles, making it easier and beneficial for Citi Credit Card customers as the conversion process can be done in seconds. This program is valid for Citi Premier Miles, Citi Platinum, Citi Prestige, Citi Rewards and Citi Telkomsel Card customers.

Citi Indonesia Head of Consumer Banking, Cristina Teh Tan, excited with Citi Indonesia’s collaboration with Traveloka. “As a global bank which operates in more than 160 countries and jurisdictions, including in Indonesia, we continuously innovate in order to provide convenience and more added values to our customers. Looking at the high adoption of digital payments, we hope that our collaboration can increase the loyalty and satisfaction of Citi Credit Card and Traveloka customers,” added Cristina.

Citi Indonesia Credit Card customers who are also Traveloka users can exchange Citi Rewards Points/Citi Miles into Traveloka Points with a few easy steps as follows:

  1. Open the latest version of the Traveloka application 3.13 or above
  2. Select the Points section on the front page
  3. Tap the banner ‘Convert Your Citi Rewards Points/Citi Miles to Traveloka Points’ 
  4. Read the applicable terms & conditions then select ‘Convert Now’ 
  5. Fill in the last 4-digit number of Citi Credit Card and mobile phone number, click ‘Send OTP’ ‘ to verify the data
  6. After the data is verified and the type of Citi Credit Card is detected, user will get a notification on the amount of Citi Rewards Points/Citi Miles that can be converted 
  7. Determine the amount of Citi Rewards Points/Citi Miles you wish to redeem, Traveloka Points will be added to your account directly.

Users can directly use and redeem their Traveloka Points to get discounts for purchasing Traveloka products or exchanged it at more than 600 Traveloka Points merchants from various categories,  including fashion, food & beverage, e-commerce, health & beauty, travel, education, lifestyle, and others.

“We are very proud to maintain a long-term strategic partnership with Citi Indonesia, as one of our best partners. Having the same vision and mission to bring a variety of conveniences for our users, has become the main foundation in this collaboration. In addition, we also hope that this collaboration can continue to improve the experience in using Traveloka that could be beneficial for the users,” concluded Stefani.

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