Wednesday, May 29th, 2019

Embodies The Holy Month of Ramadan, Traveloka Together With Rumah Zakat Distribute Lebaran Gift To The Orphans and Dhuafa

Jakarta, 29 May 2019 – During the holy month of Ramadan this year, Traveloka together with Rumah Zakat embodies one of Ramadan Berdaya programs to present the orphans and underprivileged with special gifts . There were dozens of orphans and dhuafa in the area of Jami’ Al Hidayah Mosque, Tanah Tinggi, Central Jakarta, which received benefits from the distribution of this year’s Eid gifts. Up to the time of delivery, Eid gifts that had been collected through the exchange of Traveloka Points via the Traveloka Tanggap program hit Rp77.970.000. At this stage, 75 packages of Lebaran Yatim Gift packages were handed over directly to 75 orphans in the Tanah Tinggi Johar Baru Flats complex in Central Jakarta.

Traveloka as a leading company that focuses on travel and lifestyle bookings for local and international destinations on one platform sees the programs offered by Rumah Zakat in terms of giving Eid gifts to orphans and underprivileged as a positive movement. With this initiative, Traveloka has helped to enable  their loyal users to participate in making the most of this joyful and giving month by exchanging their Traveloka Points.

Sufintri Rahayu, PR Director of Traveloka said, “With the ease of donating through the Traveloka platform, we hope this will enable our users to  share goodness and empower each other. The whole series of innovations carried out by Traveloka and Rumah Zakat is a strategic way to make the most of the joyful and giving month of Ramadan in Indonesia.”

“We are very grateful to Traveloka customers for their enthusiasm to donate through the exchange of Traveloka Points, the benefits of it can be directly felt through the Eid gifts for our sisters and brothers of orphans and underprivileged. This year we are targeting a number of beneficiary distribution to increase by 319.700 people throughout Indonesia,” added Alamsyah Nuruzzaman, Charity Partnership Dept. Head of Rumah Zakat.

To this day, Rumah Zakat has succeeded in empowering 1452 Desa Berdaya throughout Indonesia. Desa Berdaya is a real execution from the management of ZISWAF funds mandated by various donors to Rumah Zakat, including Traveloka.