Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Exploring Various Destinations Gets Easier with Multi-city Flight Features from Traveloka

JAKARTA, 18th July, 2019 – Traveloka, a leading technology and travel booking company in Southeast Asia, always focuses on fulfilling the needs and providing convenience for its users. Through the latest flight features called Multi-city, it allows users to book flight tickets to several destinations at once in one transaction. With this feature, users can add up to five additional destinations from and to various domestic and international destinations, such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, China, Europe and the United States.

(left – right) Christian Nugroho, Sr. Product Manager, Flight Product, Traveloka; Caesar Indra, CEO Transport, Traveloka; Vira Widiyasari, Senior Vice President of Credit Cards, Bank Mandiri and Andrew Jonghoon Kim, Director of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), during the Multi-City launch event

In the launching event of the Multi-city feature, Caesar Indra as the CEO Transport Traveloka revealed, “In order to meet the needs and to provide sustainable solutions for users, we consider the users tendency to frequently move from one city to another during their trip abroad, and Multi-city flight feature will be convenient to them.”

Furthermore, Caesar added, “With Multi-city flight feature, Traveloka users can explore more tourist destinations in one booking with more affordable ticket price. In addition, this flight feature helps travelers to make a more flexible travel itineraries without having to return to the city of arrival.”

Traveloka’s internal data shows that long and medium-haul flights have grown by 70% (year on year growth) in the first quarter of 2019, from Indonesia to various destinations, such as South Korea, Japan, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and etc. This number is predicted to continue to increase throughout the year.

Caesar added that this is a part of Traveloka’s commitment to providing comprehensive and integrated solutions for travel and lifestyle. “We are fully aware that overseas trips are predicted to continue to grow and therefore, we provide the Multi-city flight features that could be enjoyed by the users since April 2019.”

Currently, overseas trip is increasingly in demand and South Korea is one of Asia’s favorite destinations. During their trip, travelers often move from one city to another. When visiting South Korea, they will be arriving in Seoul but will move to Busan or Jeju, and make the last city destination as their return flight point. Through Multi-city features, Traveloka wants to encourage users to explore the world around them and continue to be committed to accommodating user needs.

Also attending the event, Andrew Jonghoon Kim, Director of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Jakarta explained, “In recent years Korea has surpassed Korea Wave and is increasingly known as a favorite tourist destination for Indonesians. According to our statistical data, the average annual increase of Indonesian tourists shows consistent numbers over the past 5 years, which is more than 10%”. He added, “Thus, as the main partner, we are happy to welcome the Multi-city flight feature as Traveloka’s latest innovation because we believe that the Multi-city flight feature can provide positive support for the growth of Indonesian tourists visiting Korea. Especially with this new feature, Indonesian travelers can freely explore more favorite tourist destinations in South Korea, including Seoul, Busan and Jeju.

At the launch of the Multi-city flight feature, Traveloka is fully supported by Bank Mandiri. Senior Vice President of Credit Cards, Bank Mandiri, Vira Widiyasari, said that the collaboration with Traveloka was mainly driven by the company’s desire to serve various customer needs, especially related to the traveling lifestyle as the income per capita increased.

“Bank Mandiri and Traveloka have collaborated in promotions since 2014. Bank Mandiri always support for initiatives carried out by Traveloka, including the launch of this Multi-city flight feature, where Mandiri Credit Card users who carry out Multi-city flight transactions will receive additional discounts of up to IDR 500,000 and installments of up to 12 months which can be combined with Traveloka discount up to IDR 1,500,000. We are optimistic that this collaboration can increase Mandiri Credit Card and Traveloka transactions”, Vira said.

To use the multi-city flight feature, users can easily follow the steps below:

1. Open the Traveloka application, version 3.9 and later.
2. On the homepage, select the Flight icon.
3. On the Flight Search page, select Multi-City.
4. Choose flight destinations 1, 2, until 5, fill passenger’s data and select flight class preference.
5. Then click “search” and a page will show the search result of airlines that is according to your flight destination.

Multi-City flight feature is available on Traveloka app version 3.9 and later, on Android and iOS devices, and can also be accessed through desktop. Multi-City flight feature is also completed with Smart Combo service, where this service will display affordable flight prices for trips departing and coming back home.

“This is part of Traveloka’s commitment to provide comprehensive and integrated solutions for travel and lifestyle. We understand that overseas trips are predicted to continue to grow, therefore, we provide Multi-city flight features that have been enjoyed by users since last April, “concluded Caesar.

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