Monday, February 9th, 2015

Sharing Mutual Vision, Information Technology Practitioners Ainun Najib Joins Traveloka

Ainun Najib has officially joined Traveloka as Data Scientist since early 2015. The man, originating from Gresik, East Java, possesses extensive knowledge and proven experience in being information technology specialist as senior IT consultant of IBM Singapore for more than 7 years. His name began to be publicly known for one of his works,, which he initiated alongside his four friends during the emergency occurring in last July 2014’s National President Election.


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As one of reputable tech companies in Indonesia with data-driven culture, the role of Data Scientist in Traveloka is undeniably important. Data Scientist handles challenging tasks to process big data to be useful insights, enabling company to then taking the right decision. Ainun’s skill in this area may contribute to help Traveloka taking the right steps in developing service system and best product for public.

Traveloka has been renowned as a company with strong team in data engineering and software engineering, comprising to more than 50 people originating from prominent university graduates excelling in National and International Science Olympiad, multinational consulting alumnus, Silicon Valley companies alumnus, and academics of various field of studies. The affiliation of Ainun is believed to further strengthen Traveloka team through his professional experience and skills.

Vision and mission of Traveloka to render traveling easier, faster, and delighting through technology is the reason behind Ainun’s interest in joining Traveloka. When questioned on Ainun’s motivation in choosing Traveloka among other tech companies nationwide or internationally, Ainun Najib stated, “I and Traveloka share the same vision, that is to advance Indonesia duly through technology. Even more, I admire Traveloka talents, whom in majority are still young and passionate. With Traveloka, I want Indonesia to be known and be taken into account in international world as a nation of competent and influential human resources in information technology.”