Thursday, May 16th, 2019

Amid Industry Slowdown, Traveloka Still Records High Flight Booking

Jakarta, 16 May 2019 – Closing the first quarter in 2019,  Traveloka’s Transport business unit records an increase in flight ticket sales of almost 30% compared to the first quarter of last year. As stated by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Traveloka Transport, Caesar Indra, “We are very grateful to be able to end Q1 2019 on a good note. We can confirm that we’ve seen an increase of almost 30% in airline ticket sales, compared to the same period last year,” said Caesar. “This shows that despite the sluggishness in the industry due to soaring ticket prices, Traveloka App remains the go-to platform and a favorite amongst Indonesians who want to purchase airline tickets,” he continued.

Caesar also mentioned that the revenue from outbound travel sees an even more significant increase than domestic ticket purchases, reaching almost 70% with destinations to Japan, South Korea, UK, the Netherlands and France. Meanwhile, the rest is obtained from tickets purchased from Southeast Asia to Indonesia, as well as across cities in the territory of Indonesia.

In addition to offering flight tickets, Traveloka Transport business unit also offers a complete variation of transportation booking services, including Trains, Bus & Travel, Airport Transfer and Car Rental, which also contribute well to the overall achievement of the business unit.

“Ground transportation, or traveling by land, is one of the options that is favored by travelers. This is in line with the increase of land infrastructure in Indonesia, as well as the increasing quality of land transportation in Indonesia. With positive response from users, we hope that ground transportation ticket sales can increase more than 12 times compared to last year in Traveloka,” said Caesar.

“We hope that the ground transportation modes we offer at Traveloka can be an alternative for our users, especially when it comes to convenient and affordable traveling,” said Caesar in conclusion.

Traveloka also further complements its transportation booking options with high-quality integrated services, ranging from 24/7 customer service, additional convenient features such as Online Check-In, Price Alert, Easy Reschedule, Flight Status, Multi-City, as well as an easy refund process.

Transportation is one of Traveloka business units,  along with Accommodation and Xperience, among others. Traveloka is a leading Indonesian technology company in Southeast Asia, which provides travel and lifestyle services in one platform. Established in 2012, Traveloka now has offices in 8 countries, including Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, India and Australia.