Tuesday, May 28th, 2019

Traveloka Xperience Signed a Strategic Partnership Cooperation with Jawa Timur Park Group

Jakarta, 28th May 2019 – As one of the continuous efforts in supporting the target of 20 million foreign tourists to visit Indonesia as well as helping Indonesian tourism industry players to reach regional market, Traveloka, a leading technology company that provides travel and lifestyle services in one platform, today (28/05) signed a strategic partnership cooperation with Jawa Timur Park, the largest family education tourism developer in Indonesia located in Batu, Malang, East Java. This strategic partnership for Traveloka is the first collaboration to promote Jawa Timur Park Group through online promotion to foreign countries.

Christian Suwarna, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Traveloka Experience explained, “Traveloka Xperience as Southeast Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle activities booking platform, has recently secured a strategic partnership with Jatim Park Group. We believe this collaboration will ease the customers to find inspiration on tourism destinations, add on their things-to-do list, as well as have a seamless and hassle-free online booking so that they can easily create an unforgettable experience with their loved ones. We hope this collaboration can also contribute positively to Indonesian tourism especially in Batu and Malang.”

Regarding to this partnership, on behalf of Jawa Timur Park Group, Ronny Senjojo, Expert Staff of Jatim Park Group Holding Company stated, “We are very proud to collaborate with Southeast Asia’s leading travel and lifestyle activities booking platform, Traveloka Xperience. As a fellow Indonesian company, we believe that this cooperation is not only strategic in terms of business, but also to help us promote Indonesian tourism to international level.”

Jatim Park Group is committed to provide an amusement park that can enrich its visitors’ experience with various interesting educative entertainment for all families. Currently, Jawa Timur Park Group has 12 theme parks located in East Java and West Java, complete with 4 hotels and resorts. The one located in Kota Wisata Batu (Batu City Tourism area) is the widest theme park in Indonesia, reaching as wide as 22 hectares. In addition, pursuing its mission to be the largest tourism industry in East Java and Indonesia, Jatim Park Group always seeks to improve its parks, equipped with well-built transportation infrastructure and improved customer service quality. Several theme parks corporated with Jatim Park Group currently have won numerous awards from global institutions. The Secret Zoo, for example, earned a spot as  #9 Asia’s Best Destination Sites in 2015; Eco Green Park achieved its Certificate of Excellence in 2016; Jawa Timur Park 2 broke the MURI (Museum of Records of Indonesia) record for collecting 125 Mercedes-Benz cars; and many more.

“This partnership also marks a milestone for Jawa Timur Park, for the first time being able to expand its market overseas through online marketing. We hope by providing access and information on Jatim Park in Traveloka can facilitate our potential visitors, ranging from local to foreign tourists who are interested in visiting our family-friendly education and recreation park, from accessing information to booking tickets, in order to create unforgettable moments in visiting Batu and Malang City,” Ronny continued.

Furthermore, regarding this strategic collaboration, Christian revealed, “Traveloka feels very honored for the trust given by Jatim Park Group regarding this strategic collaboration. This collaboration means there is now a new journey for the Jatim Park Group to promote and market their business online to foreign countries.”

“Traveloka, which are currently estimated to have more than 40 million users spread across Southeast Asia to Australia, is a potential platform for the Jatim Park Group to provide information about the destinations for the foreign market. We hope that with the opening of this information accessible to the Southeast Asian market, can further increase the interest of local and foreign communities to visit this recreational park, so that it can enrich their travel experience,” Christian continued.

Meanwhile, Rizki Handayani, Deputy of Marketing Development I of the Ministry of Tourism of the Republic of Indonesia also expressed her support for the strategic collaboration between Traveloka Xperience and Jawa Timur Park Group. “We warmly welcome the initiative of two large Indonesian companies that have taken the initiative to collaborate together. This will also indirectly help Indonesia’s mission to attract foreign visitors to Indonesia. We hope that in the future Traveloka can continue their innovation in this strategic collaboration so that it will provide continuous support to advance tourism in Indonesia and add attractive tourist destinations to be promoted overseas, as realized by the strategic collaboration between Traveloka and Jatim Park,” concluded Rizki.

Through this strategic cooperation agreement, Traveloka and Jatim Park Group will be involved in product development, promotion and marketing efforts which include:

  • Regional Marketing Initiatives: Through a series of marketing promotion collaborations to be carried out by Traveloka and Jawa Timur Park Group, this aims to provide unlimited experience for visitors.
  • Customer Experience Innovation: To provide an optimal experience, Traveloka provides various facilities for visitors, namely instant confirmation, instant issuance and Easy Access, so that Traveloka users can be faster and more comfortable when entering the theme park without having to worry about lining up. Not to mention, the availability of PayLater as a safe and convenient installment payment solution for users.
  • Product Innovation: Provision of special product innovations such as online booking facilities for all activities available in East Java Park, for example traditional clothing rentals, to photo session services with experienced photographers, and many other offers.
  • Seamless Bundling with Traveloka Flights/Hotels: As a discovery platform, of course this collaboration is not only limited to ticket sales, but also includes complete vacation package offers that include transportation or airplane tickets, hotels or accommodations to Jatim Park entrance tickets.
  • Special Events: Collaborative activities are not limited on ticket sales, in the future there will be many special events or activations held in the Jatim Park area so that it can enrich the experiences of tourists while visiting East Java Park.

Downloaded for more than 40 million times, makes Traveloka a travel and lifestyle products provider application that increasingly complements the needs of its users. Currently, Traveloka Xperience has more than 10,000 activities partners and recreation inventories in 60 countries. Not only does it offer more than 10 categories of lifestyle products, Traveloka Xperience also provides more than 40 payment method choices for its users. With this strategic collaboration, it shows that Traveloka Xperience will continue to innovate in providing convenience and inspiration in ordering holiday activities and lifestyle products online as well as to enrich the life’s experience for its users.