Monday, September 1st, 2014 to Partner with BCA Bank, Launching Special Promotions partners with BCA Bank to deliver special promotion for BCA Bank credit card holders. Themed Terbang Tidur Murah (TTM – Fly Sleep Cheap), the special promo gives up to IDR 200,000 discount for booking on This promo is valid not only for airplane ticket booking, but also for hotel reservation, launched just recently in end July 2014. Further, it is commencing for three months, from 1 September to 30 November 2014.

Ferry Unardi, Managing Director of said, “The launching of this promo is one of our strategies in advertising the latest feature, hotel room reservation. By hotel reservation, customers wouldn’t need to struggle to find cheap hotels after booking flights.”

TTM promo is a manifestation of Traveloka’s commitment to present a solution for cheap and easy travel to customers. Through our partnership with one of the biggest banks in Indonesia, BCA Bank, Traveloka aims to give cheap-price deals to consumers”, Ferry added.

To make use of the promo, customers may directly visit site, access available through both desktop and mobile versions. After booking, customers will be moved to payment page. At the page, choose credit card as payment method and fill in the details required. If customers hold BCA credit card, system will directly bill the account as per the applied terms and conditions. Note that every transaction donned in is free and without hidden fee.

Previously, had reported a significant growth of 544% within only one-year duration from the 1st semester of 2013. In 2014, Traveloka maintained its rise and successfully initiated partnership with 14 airplane companies, thousands of hotels, and dozens of official payment partners.