Monday, April 22nd, 2019

To Make Your Holiday Dream Comes True, Traveloka Presents EPIC SALE 2019

Jakarta, 22 April 2019 – Traveloka users will soon be able to enjoy special price discounts through Traveloka EPIC SALE program. The program which will be held on April 24-27, is part of Traveloka’s commitment, as the leading technology company in travel and lifestyle products for local and international destinations, to ease loyal users’ plan while realizing their inspirational journey.

Global research released by the World Travel and Tourism Council in 2018 states that Asia is now a continent with the fastest growth of the Travel and Tourism sector compared to other countries. The research mentions that Indonesia is one of the countries with the fastest growth of travelers (7.7%). Through this statement, it can be concluded that Indonesians are increasingly fond of traveling, adding to the fact that this type of behavior has actually been long established with the tradition of mudik ahead of Eid al-Fitr. To support our users’ needs in preparing their trip, Traveloka makes it a priority to inspire and provide solutions–one of them being the Traveloka EPIC SALE 2019 program.

As expressed by Sufintri Rahayu, PR Director of Traveloka, “As a discovery platform, Traveloka wants to enable its users to enrich their lives, find inspiration, and create unforgettable holiday moments. As a technology company that focuses on understanding customers’ needs, Traveloka strives to enable people to embark on adventures and discover the world with ease, so they can transform their inspiration into concrete actions that are realized through traveling or lifestyle.”

Sufintri revealed the expectations of the Traveloka EPIC SALE program, “We hope that the Traveloka EPIC SALE will receive a warm welcome from Traveloka users and can be one of the solutions to facilitate the planning and realization of their travel inspirations,” concluded Sufintri. 

Traveloka EPIC SALE is supported by 9 products that will come with attractive offers. These products are Hotel, Flights x Traveloka PayLater, Flight + Hotel package, Attractions & Activities, Airport Transfer, Shuttle, Car Rental, and Traveloka Eats. Specifically for hotel products, Traveloka users can enjoy discounts of up to 80%, which will be available at certain hours during the EPIC SALE period.

As for flight tickets, users have the opportunity to get discounts of up to 70% by using Traveloka PayLater as a payment method option and special discount coupons for purchases made with other payment methods. Meanwhile, for other products, Traveloka will provide more attractive offers compared to the usual promotions.

Furthermore, regarding this program, Shirley Lesmana, Head of Marketing Accommodation Indonesia Traveloka explains that Traveloka EPIC SALE aims to provide unlimited fun experiences for its users by providing competitive prices and very attractive discounts.

“Traveloka EPIC SALE provides   special discount that has never been before. The Traveloka EPIC SALE gives a discount up to 80 percent throughout the day for various products such as accommodation, transportation, and attraction and activities products. In addition, more special discounts for accommodation or hotel products will appear during Epic Hour,” Shirley explains.

Downloaded more than 40 million times, Traveloka has increasingly built its consumers’ trust as a leading technology-based company that aspires to complement consumers’ needs. Traveloka has more than 450 thousand hotels partners in 100 countries and 100 airline partners. Traveloka provides more than 10 products including transportation, accommodation, lifestyle, and financial services, Traveloka has also provided more than 40 payment method options for its users.