Thursday, November 7th, 2019

Traveloka Introduces Villa & Apartment to Support Indonesia’s Tourism Industry

Jakarta, 7 November 2019 – Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s leading digital travel, lifestyle, and financial services platform, introduced its newest accommodation product, Villa & Apartment. Since its first launch two months ago, the inventories of Traveloka’s Villa & Apartment has reached more than 240,000, both domestically and internationally. In addition, Traveloka also noted that more than 20% of Villa & Apartment customers are Traveloka’s new users.

The launch of this new product is driven by the increasing demand of alternative accommodation selections, such as villas and apartments, which offer flexibility and convenience to the customers, especially those staying with a large numbers of family members or friends. According to the research conducted by Statista in 2018, the demand for alternative accommodation options sees the increment of 24% globally and is predicted to continue to grow in the future.

John Safenson, Vice President Market Management, Accommodation Traveloka stated, “The idea behind the development of Villa and Apartment products comes from the high demand of other accommodation options that are able to cater the users needs as the testament of our commitment to always diversify our services. Since available in Traveloka App last September, Villa & Apartment product has partnered with more than 240,000 partners worldwide. We hope this product brings convenience to our users in booking suitable accommodation as well as supporting our partners’ business development, hence will contribute to the growth of Indonesia’s tourism industry.”

Hariyanto, Assistant Deputy of Marketing Strategy and Communications I, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy/Tourism and Creative Economy Agency of the Republic of Indonesia said, “Indonesia has an enormous potential for the tourism sector. Aligned with the mission to make the tourism industry as one of the main drives to support the national economy, the government supports the industry players, especially those who engaged in the accommodation sector such as Traveloka, to keep providing the best services for users as well as business opportunities and wider access for other business players, such as villa and apartment property owners. This initiative is also in line with our vision to develop the national tourism sector which is  12.6% higher than the average ASEAN tourism sector growth of 7.4% in 2018.”

The increased growth of the tourism sector is also reflected in the huge numbers of local tourists who explore other cities in the country. The Statistics Indonesia (BPS) stated that 43% of the total 303 million Indonesian tourists traveling domestically in 2018 were for vacation and recreation, with an average travel time of three days.

“Looking at positive feedback and enthusiasm from public on the Villa & Apartment , we are very optimistic that this product can attract the new market share for Traveloka. It is also supported by our findings that more than 20% of Villa & Apartment customers are the new users. We hope that we can continue to provide the best travel solutions for our users, including in the accommodation sector, through the launch of Villa & Apartment. To make it more special, users are able to enjoy a special promo program for the booking of all Villa & Apartment in Indonesia as well as other countries,” said Shirley Lesmana, Head of Marketing Accommodation Traveloka

As a part of the celebration of this new product, Traveloka offers a special discount of 15% or up to IDR 1 million by using “WAKTUNYANGUMPULTVLK” coupon code. This special program has been active starting from 7 November 2019 to 1 March 2020 for all Villa & Apartment products in Traveloka.

Brian Sutrisno, the Owner of Villa Masada Village Puncak, expressed his support for Traveloka’s Villa & Apartment, “Traveloka’s presence in the international market, especially in  Southeast Asia and Australia, makes it easier for us to establish our presence in the international market, hence will boost the rate of our accommodation occupancy. For us, Traveloka is not only a booking platform, but also a partner to discuss marketing strategies in order to improve our services, from booking until their staying period is over. Together with Traveloka, we want to make it easier for the customers to find alternative accommodation selections that can address their needs.”

Nicholas Saputra, actor and Traveloka’s avid user, also shared his support, “As a traveler, I love to explore various destinations, both domestically and abroad. With the aim to understand the locals, I always look for authentic experiences that are close to the local people’s routines. Hence, Traveloka’s Villa & Apartment is suitable for me who search for a unique, comfortable, and high-quality accommodation that offers local ambiance, especially when I travel with family and friends. Traveloka Villa & Apartment is the perfect solution for my trip.”

Through Villa & Apartment, Traveloka provides a plethora of accommodation selections in 100 countries worldwide, starting from a budget apartment in the middle of the city, a villa in the mountain that allows customers to take a moment off from their daily routines, to a spacious villa near the beach for a special event with extended families. With the aim to give extra comfort to customers, Traveloka also provides a 24/7 customer service in local language, various payment methods, including PayLater, as well as “Pay at Property” feature for a direct payment upon check-in at selected properties.

Users can also enjoy “easy rescheduling” and “free cancelation” features, enabling them to comfortably arrange their schedules.