Friday, July 1st, 2016

Flight Search Increases, Traveloka Ensures Its Readiness for Lebaran Holiday Traffic

Traveloka, Indonesia’s fastest-growing tech company that provides online booking service for flights and hotels, has observed a significant increase in the number of flight search on Traveloka mobile app. During Ramadan, the number is three times higher than the usual days.

CEO Traveloka, Ferry Unardi said, “Most of our 6 million app users have searched for flights in the last two weeks of Ramadan. This soaring number shows that customers are enthusiastic to welcome Eid Al-Fitr.” In order to face high demand of flight and hotel bookings for mudik, Traveloka ensures its readiness by optimizing both its product and service.

Starting from the beginning of Ramadan, Traveloka has launched various promotions for both flights and hotels with THR (Tetap Hemat di Ramadan) campaign. The campaign offers a wide range of promos, from hotel and flight discounts to zero installment for credit card.

Furthermore, Traveloka suggests travellers to add travel insurance to their flight booking so that their trip will get a full protection from unexpected things that may occur during peak season like Lebaran, such as flight delays or lost baggage.

As for the service, Traveloka has doubled its customer service personnel to assist customers during the Lebaran period. Traveloka commits to provide the most reliable service to all customers by giving accessible 24-hour supports by phone, email, chat, or social media .

“We believe that Lebaran is a very important moment when our customers will rely the most on our services. Therefore, we are trying our best to optimize our services to ensure every customer gets a safe and pleasant mudik trip,” Ferry concluded.

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