Tuesday, July 16th, 2019

Traveloka Ranked as The Most Popular Ticket and Hotel Booking Application Among Millennials

JAKARTA, 16th July 2019 – Traveloka, the leading Travel & Lifestyle booking platform in Southeast Asia, continues to dominate the millennial generation market segment. Researches from data company Alvara Research recently conducted a comprehensive survey on the “Behaviors and Preferences of Indonesian Millennial Consumers on E-commerce Applications in 2019.” The purpose of the survey is to identify key characteristics of Indonesian millennials and how these characteristics are reflected by their e-commerce application preferences at a time when e-commerce transactions continue to grow at a dramatic pace. The survey computes the level of brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty of each e-commerce application based on the survey responses. 

The survey, conducted through a sample of 1,204 respondents from the millennial generation, ranked Traveloka as, “the most popular ticket and hotel booking application with the highest number of respondents willing to use it in the future.” The study also showed that 79% of all respondents are regular Traveloka users, compared to Tiket.com (8.9%), Blibli.com (5.6%), KAI Access (3.2%), and Airy (2.4%). Traveloka’s dominance can be credited to its successful brand performance, as measured by image, loyalty, engagement, and performance. For instance, the survey concluded that 79.8% of respondents viewed Traveloka as a “top of mind” application in the ticketing and hotel booking sector, with 76.6% of respondents expressing their intentions to use Traveloka again in the future. 

The quantitative results further show that Traveloka scores the highest level of customer satisfaction. Compared to its competitors, Traveloka scored the highest Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures the degree to which users would recommend an application to other parties. The survey’s overall analysis reveals an important underlying factor. It stresses that brand awareness and performance are vital driving forces behind how millennials interact with and select e-commerce applications. In an era where e-commerce continues to be more prevalent, and where millennials are increasingly selective with their purchasing decisions, branding becomes a major differentiating factor for technological companies. 

To date, Traveloka’s application has been downloaded over 40 million times, more than any other Travel and Lifestyle booking platforms in South East Asia. Traveloka’s success in expanding its product portfolio to address the changing needs of users has given the company a competitive edge, resulting in greater brand perception and user-base. A strong brand perception, in turn, encourages customer loyalty and referrals. This back-and-forth cycle will continue to power Traveloka in attracting and retaining millennials in Indonesia. It is clear that Traveloka remains the application of choice for millennials when it comes to travel and lifestyle.