Tuesday, December 29th, 2015

Traveloka Reveals Key Trends for 2015 Year-end Travel

Despite the long weekends during 2015 year-end holidays, Traveloka, Indonesia’s fastest-growing tech company that provides online booking service for flights and hotels reveals insider data showing that most Indonesians tend to travel domestically. For those who do travel internationally, popular destinations are heavily centered in Southeast Asia.

Based on its database of over 5 million users on Traveloka mobile applications, Traveloka reveals key trends for 2015’s year-end travels, including Indonesian travelers’ inclination to travel domestically. Jogjakarta topped the list as the most popular destination for Indonesian travellers during the 2015 year-end holidays, with Bandung and Bali following closely behind. On a global scale, the most popular international destination was Kuala Lumpur, followed by Singapore and Bangkok.

The study also revealed booking behavior that suggests Indonesians  tend to book their hotel far in advance.   Around 50% travelers perform travel bookings a week or less before their holidays whilehe other half would make travel bookings over 8 days ahead of their arrival date. CEO Traveloka, Ferry Unardi said, “This booking habit shows  Indonesian travelers excitement towards their year-end holiday as they book hotel accommodation far in advance.”

What’s even more interesting is that although a typical traveler would spend more than two nights for holidays, travel trends for 2015 year-end holidays shows otherwise. The majority of Indonesian travelers settled for two-night (45%) to one night (40%) stay, followed by 10% for three nights and the rest (5%) stayed for more than four nights at a hotel. It is possible that Indonesian travelers either prefer short holidays, or that they prefer traveling to many destinations and stay for a night or two in each destination during this holiday.

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