Thursday, April 6th, 2017

Traveloka Supports Indonesia Hotel Industry Through Traveloka Hotel Awards 2017

JAKARTA, 6 April 2017 – Traveloka, Indonesia’s leading travel booking app for domestic and international destinations, is holding the Traveloka Hotel Awards 2017 for the very first time. The awarding ceremony will be held consecutively in five cities, which are Bali, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Bandung and Jakarta, on March-April.

John Safenson, Country Market Manager Traveloka give opening speech at Traveloka Hotel Awards 2017

Traveloka Hotel Awards 2017 is an awarding event that honor all hotel partners in Indonesia who has given the best guest experience. The winners were chosen based on the millions of online reviews in Traveloka that has been received throughout January to December 2016.

A total of 240 hotels in Indonesia receive the Traveloka Hotel Awards 2017 this year. 140 hotels among them are from Bali, East Java, Yogyakarta, West Java, Jakarta, and Tangerang. This honorable award classifies the hotels into three classes, comprising:

  • Prestige Category: The hotel is considered to provide an exclusive stay experience beyond guests’ expectation.
  • Premium Category: The hotel is considered to provide the best stay experience with the maximum comfort for the guests.
  • Value Category: The hotel is considered to provide the guests a high quality stay experience as good value for money.

Particularly, the awards itself consists of four valuation categories, which are:

  • Food: Valuation based on the variety and quality of the menu offered by the hotel.
  • Service: Valuation based on the service quality of the hotel’s staffs
  • Cleanliness: Valuation based on the cleanliness level of the hotel room.
  • Overall: Valuation based on the guests’ satisfaction towards the overall hotel’s quality.

Traveloka Country Market Manager, John Safenson said, “We feel honored to announce the winners of the first Traveloka Hotel Awards 2017, who has shown the highest quality in the hospitality industry. We hope this award can strengthen Traveloka and all hotel partners commitments to always deliver the best guest experience.”

“Furthermore, we are, of course, really hope that this event can give a positive contribution for the hotel industry in Indonesia”, John added.

Following below are the detail information of Traveloka Hotel Awards 2017 in five cities:

  • The Trans Resort, Bali, March 21st 2017
  • JW Marriott, Surabaya, March 23rd 2017
  • Hotel Tentrem, Yogyakarta, March 30th 2017
  • The Trans Luxury Hotel, Bandung, April 4th 2017
  • Hotel Raffles, Jakarta, April 6th, 2017.

Click here for the complete lists of the winner from 5 cities in Indonesia.

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