Thursday, March 21st, 2019

Traveloka Won “Gold Champion Winner” at WOW Brand Festive Day 2019 for the Second Year Running

Jakarta, March 21, 2019 – Traveloka as the leading technology company from Indonesia, which provides travel and lifestyle products in one platform, again won the award as “Gold Champion Winner” from MarkPlus, Inc. for the “Online Travel” category. The award event was held on March 14, 2019, at the Ballroom Raffles Hotel Jakarta, Ciputra World, Jakarta.

The award recognizes based on the results of the WOW Brand 2019 survey conducted by MarkPlus, Inc. through one of its divisions called MarkPlus Insight to 5,800 respondents in several major cities in Indonesia. This survey refers to the WOW marketing concept that adopts the marketing concept Prof. Philip Kotler, Father of Modern Marketing. Based on the results of the survey they established the best Indonesian brands called Indonesia WOW Brand Festive Day 2019.

(Right) Traveloka representatives; Taufiq Adhie Wibowo, Senior Brand Manager, Traveloka during WOW Brand Festive Day 2019 event.

WOW Brand Festive Day is the biggest marketing festival for brand enthusiasts in Indonesia, presented as a Brand party, which is attended by around 700 brand enthusiasts from over 300 of the best brands in Indonesia and the event was filled with expert speakers from Indonesia and abroad, who explain the concept of the latest brand. This year’s program is packaged differently, using the concept of “Experience the New Unconference”.

Taufiq Adhie Wibowo, Senior Brand Manager, Traveloka, said, “The fact that Traveloka has received the Gold Champion Winner for two years in a row is indeed the result of the hard work of the entire Traveloka team who always focus on maintaining standard consistency and service quality for all Traveloka’s customers where we are committed to enriching their lives through technology, to be able to explore the world. We’d like to thank our customers and business partners for the wonderful recognition and trust towards Traveloka.”

Traveloka offers 10+ products that are divided into three main verticals of Transportation, Accommodation, and Lifestyle. Products provided on these categories include flights, trains, buses, packages, hotels and accommodation, airport transfers, attractions, and activities, etc. This is proof of Traveloka’s commitment as a technology company that focuses on understanding their customers’ needs while also providing the best and seamless user experience through the company’s continuous product innovation.

Taufiq Adhie Wibowo also explained about Traveloka’s strategy to continue inspiring people, “This award is also a proof of our support to continue to maintain and develop a culture of bottom-up innovation. Human resources are the most important assets in technology companies. We provide autonomy for our employee that consistently focuses on creating the best innovative products for our users in order  to delight our customers through creative and inspiring ideas.”