Monday, December 2nd, 2019

Traveloka Xperience Teams Up with Doraemon for the New Special Promotional Activity

Jakarta, 2 December 2019 Traveloka, Southeast Asia’s leading digital travel, lifestyle, and financial services booking platform, through one of its business units, Traveloka Xperience, officially launched a Doraemon-themed special promotional program. In line with Doraemon’s image that is loved by various age groups, this promotional program asserts that all Traveloka Xperience products can be enjoyed by every generation. In collaboration with Animation International as Doraemon’s official license holder in Indonesia, Traveloka users can now explore a variety of interesting promos offered by Traveloka Xperience, using Doraemon’s magical gadgets that emerge from its pocket.

Terry Santoso, Head of Marketing Traveloka Xperience, said, “This Doraemon-themed promotional program is one of our innovations to re-introduce Traveloka Xperience’s various products to users in a unique way, ranging from attractions, entertainment, spa and beauty, sports, to local and overseas package tours, by reigniting our users’ nostalgic childhood memories in the cheerful character of Doraemon. The selection of the popular and well-loved Doraemon figure is also one of our strategies to reach and approach Traveloka users of all age groups. This initiative is also in line with our commitment to always remain relevant to all users while providing the best travel and lifestyle solutions at the same time.”

Through the special promotional program with Doraemon, Traveloka Xperience spoils its users with attractive promos for all 12 product categories available at Traveloka Xperience. Users can enjoy weekly discounts up to 50%, with terms and conditions applied, for a variety of holiday activities and lifestyle choices. The offers range from attraction tickets, tours, children’s playground tickets, massage and spa, beauty, cinema tickets, festival tickets or music concerts, karaoke, even sports and workout classes. In addition, users who want to optimize their experience  abroad can also take advantage of the Traveloka Xperience’s discounts through the special program that features different countries every day during the year-end holiday period. 

“Traveloka’s initiative to collaborate with the animation created by the legendary Japanese comic artist Fujiko F. Fujio is unique because it combines Doraemon’s character with a variety of complete lifestyle products, while targeting Traveloka Xperience users of various age ranges. This collaboration is also Animation International’s way to rekindle people’s childhood memories of the fun and excitement in Doraemon’s stories, including the excitement of discovering the unique gadgets that come out from its magical pocket. We are delighted to be able to work with Traveloka to recall people’s memories of Doraemon. In addition, this collaboration can also be part of Doraemon’s 50th birthday celebration and familiarize this famous animated figure among today’s younger generation,” said Helena Irma, Regional Director of Animation International.

Through the special promotional program with Doraemon, Traveloka Xperience offers the following special promos:

  • SEPEKAN (SEmua PErlu dikabulKAN) (Everything Needs To Be Granted)

The weekly promotional program offers 50% discounts on all Traveloka Xperience products by utilizing unique gadgets from Doraemon’s magical pocket, in accordance with the available promo. Every week, specifically every Sunday at 8.00 am, there will be a specific product category offered and the magical tool will automatically change in accordance with the specific promo. Users can enjoy the SEPEKAN promo starting from 15 November 2019 until 5 January 2020.

The currently ongoing SEPEKAN promotional program is for the magical gadget Travel and Transportation Complements (Pelengkap Travel dan Transportasi), offering a 25% cashback for the period of 1-7 December 2019.

  • SEBULAN (SEmua BUtuh LiburAN) (Everyone Needs A Vacation)

This program provides special offers for Traveloka Xperience products in popular destinations, such as Singapore, Malaysia, Japan, and other countries. SEBULAN has started since 22 November 2019 until 5 Januari 2020.

The currently ongoing Promotional Program SEBULAN is for Singapore and Malaysia, with a 20% cashback from 1 December 2019 until 4 January 2020.

With the aim to provide more convenience for the users, Traveloka Xperience also offers Easy Access service in more than 20 favorite attraction destinations, both in domestic and international attraction destinations, enabling users to quickly enter the attraction venue. This innovation is expected to smoothen the operational processes for entertainment venue owners as well as enriching Traveloka Users’ experience, whether before or during their vacations. Traveloka also allows it users to use a variety of payment methods, including PayLater, bank transfer, credit cards and the likes.

“We hope this special promotional program with Doraemon will familiarize users with Traveloka Xperience products while enjoying various available promotions, allows the users to optimally and joyously realize their inspirations for perfect holiday lifestyle activities,” Terry concluded.